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A summary of Vallenato

Parrandon Vallenato is really a traditional music style from Colombia that, at any time you spend once here, you’re sure hear. Though it might a bit of time for use on your ear to adjust to it, Vallenato can be an enjoyable style which makes an awesome accompaniment for any Colombian party simply because it sets smoothly which has a nice box of Aguardiente.

Colombians can on occasion say Vallenato is the ideal representation of Colombian Culture with the accordion brought from Europe, the caja from Africa and in addition the guacharaca representing the Indigenous Culture.

Vallenato, and also cumbia, is a popular folk music of Colombia. It primarily was produced from the Colombia's Caribbean region. Vallenato literally means "born through the valley". The valley influencing this name can be found relating to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta as well as the Serranía de Perijá in north-east Colombia. Every April, Valledupar is location of the countries largest Vallenato Music Festival about the final weekend in April. Vallenato music is indigenous to Colombia possesses its cultural epicenter in Valledupar. Should you decide to participate in the festival book your hotel reservations early.